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Scaling up leaders.
Scaling up companies.

Plenty of speakers have the right skills to motivate and inspire. But when it comes to your leadership and your business, you can’t afford for the experience to end there.

Mark’s goal when he hits a stage: to not just inspire leaders to step up and achieve their goals, but also to develop the vision and aligned action steps to enhance their impact across their company, teams, and communities.

Focused on unleashing the power within, Mark delivers high energy keynotes to inspire your team. By getting out of your own way and learning from some of the most successful companies in the marketplace, you’ll leave his talks re-energized and clear about what’s next for you and how those lessons can be adapted to your company.

For over 30 years, Mark has been a sought-after speaker and workshop leader. Together, you’ll create a vision of a compelling future built on common purpose within your team to surpass the competition. Mark isn’t just the speaker you want at your next event- he’s the speaker your team or organization needs.

Types of events

Keynote Speeches

In-House Training

Executive + Personal Retreats

2 Hr / Half-Day / Full-Day Workshops

Topics covered:

Scaling Up Cash: Shifting the Focus from Revenue to Profits

Focusing on revenue alone won't guarantee success in business. Profitability should be the ultimate goal. Learn how business leaders can make small changes that drive exponential growth on the bottom line.

Scaling Up People: Creating a Culture of Accountability

When everyone in the organization takes ownership of their roles and responsibilities, businesses can achieve goals and grow. Learn how business owners can stop spending so much time IN the business, so they can spend more time working ON the business.

Scaling Up Strategy: Owning Your Niche

'The riches are in the niches' is a common phrase that has been around for generations, and there's a reason for it. Businesses that focus on owning their niche and becoming the leader can create superior pricing power and brand affinity.

Scaling Up Execution: Closing the Gap

Execution is the key to turning strategy into real results, and it requires clear plans, accountability, and KPIs to monitor progress. Too many teams have great ideas but no results. Learn how to bridge the gap between planning and execution to achieve your goals.

Scaling Up: The Four Decisions You Must Get Right

To successfully scale your business, you need to master the four decisions to drive scale: people, strategy, execution, cash. As an expert in the Scaling Up platform, Mark helps business leaders understand and master the four decisions so they can go further, faster.

Inspiring Business Leaders Everywhere

“Our member companies are facing obstacles when it comes to profitability on projects due to factors like escalating costs and supply chain challenges. During our annual conference, we asked Mark Fenner from Rise Performance Group to lead a breakout discussion on the ‘7 Levers to Improve Profits, Cash, and Enterprise Value.’ The engaging session provided sound, actionable advice that proved to be exactly what our members needed. We received a lot of positive feedback from this session.”
Tom LeBlanc
Executive Director
“Implementing the Scaling Up: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits was the catalyst that propelled my company, The Miner Corporation, to $500+ million in revenues and 1900 employees. I have worked with several coaches during my journey and Mark Fenner is simply the best. He engages, motivates and inspires results.”
A headshot of Phil Miner.
Phil Miner
Former Chairman
The Miner Corporation

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